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At ASHTREE INTERNATIONAL, we help identify the challenges and threats faced by our clients around their business models. Our assessment method is tailored to every field we work in. We offer the optimal solution to address these threats and provide the means to implement any course of action. Incorporating security considerations early with architecture works will save investors millions of dollars. We provide you a single source for security consulting, and security engineering & design services.

From assessment to implementation, our seamless integration of services provides clients with a more efficient, cost effective security program. Our team of consultants develops proactive, tiered approaches that respond quickly to changing threat conditions and help ensure operational continuity in the wake of any crisis.

Project Management (Aviation/ Maritime)

Project management for aviation and maritime facilities require strict compliance to local and international standards.  Whether benchmarking against IATA/ ICAO and/or security directives by appropriate authority for aviation project management or maritime security vulnerability risk assessment and audits in compliance to ISPS/ IMO recommended standards and best practices, an experienced team will provide the necessary consultation and facilitation to a world class outcome.  ASHTREE Aviation consultants are ICAO AVSEC PMC and AVSEC NI certified and Maritime Consultants are ISPS and IMO certified. They provide security audits to identify potential security threats and recommend mitigating measures, comprehensive risk review to eliminate blind-spots and enhance security, guard force management, project tender specifications, tender award, testing & commissioning of security projects and systems. 

Safety and Risk Management (Oil and Gas)

ASHTREE consultants serve the oil and gas sector including upstream, downstream and oil service companies. Working as a consortium partner with international safety corporations to manage risk and provide solutions in verification assignment, SHE and asset risk management, we develop groundbreaking research studies, white papers and articles that reflect industry insights and new benchmarking standards.  Complexity and uncertainty are prevalent within all business functions. As a consequence, the risk profile of every corporation is constantly changing and evolving.  We help you identify understand and manage each of the component risks, in order to avoid or mitigate losses.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

A safe and secure facility offers more than just a great place to work in.  ASHTREE consultants combines security expertise and risk methodologies with management consulting skills to create specific risk profile for your corporation and in your industry. Our team of highly qualified security expertise from military, police and corporate security background supported by an international portfolio of security professionals offers recommendations which comply and conform to standards by local enforcement agencies and bring about change in standards across industries. We serve international clients around the world to develop new standards for corporations who aspire to be the best.

Security Master Planning

Your internal and external stakeholders can be protected from crime, sabotage, terrorism and other acts of violence against buildings and people in buildings when security considerations can be incorporated early during the master planning stages of construction.  Savings can be generated from effective and efficient design of infrastructure to support resource allocation of manpower, technology and processes.

Emergency Planning and Crisis Management

We help corporations determine if they are adequately prepared for unforeseen adverse events. The truth is that many are not. With carefully designed and rehearsed procedures and structures in place, your company reduces risk of operational disruption and even business failure.  ASHTREE consultants work closely with clients to develop, test, and implement effective strategies for managing organisations through a crisis.  Deliverables often include a comprehensive business continuity plan and emergency response plan for corporations or event monitoring manual and crisis management plan for major national events or exhibitions. The aim is to restore normalcy, restart operations in the shortest possible timeframe.

Blast Effect Analysis and Structural Resilence Study

We help governments and corporations understand the blast footprint caused by different material mass of explosives to your infrastructure. Understanding the blast overpressures and peak impulses help you design the appropriate column widths, internal and external facade walls, ceiling slabs, street furniture and bollard applications.  ASHTRE consultants are engineers and professional engineers who provide protective hardening measures to architectural drawings before they go to tender. With security-by-design, post construction hardening efforts like carbon fibre wraps and steel jackets may be reduced and this in turns reduced cost to building owners.  A structurally resilent building helps to reduce operating cost in additional physical security measures like more cameras and more gates.

Supply Chain Management

The threats surrounding your supply chain, your brand and reputation are becoming more complex to manage.  To remain competitive, the management of supply chain security is hugely beneficial from a verifiable risk-based management system.  Understanding your organisation supply chain security risks is the first step in turning them into strengths and opportunities. ASHTREE consultants provide supply chain security management system design, ISO 28000:2007 implementation and compliance, supply chain security training, business continuity management system implementation to ensure compliance to BCM BS 25999 and SS 540 standards.

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